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with libyan government officials in the attack. white house official wrote, "secretary clinton called libyan president el-megarif on behalf of the president on the evening of september 11, 2012, to coordinate support to protect americans in libya and access to libyan territory." that angered graham. >> the president of the united states did not make any phone calls to any government official. and libya, the entire period of the attack. he called government officials on september 12, after everybody was dead. >> we would not have gotten answers but for pushing for this. frankly, the more answers we have gotten i think we have shown here that this was a national security failure. >> late today, president obama said chuck hagel is imminently qualified to be secretary of defense. the president says he deserves a vote and predicted eventually he will get confirmed. >> bret: mikes, thanks. we just got word from the pentagon that panetta is heading to california tonight, to monterrey. the ride is also getting bumpy for the president's choice as top spy master. the complication and confusion continu
. campaigning for proposals that warmed the hearts of the left with talk of investing government money. >> making sure that colleges are affordable and accessible to every american. and i believe we attract new jobs to america by any infrastructure. >> for the second straight day, the president's team insisted the array of new initiatives will not add a dime to the deficit. >> nothing i am proposing should increase deficit by a dime. >> healthcare reform will not add a time to deficit. >> top white house aides say the president can cover the new ideas. and pay down the debt. by redirecting existing funds and wiping out tax loopholes and deductions. >> he will pay for this and have deficit reduction beyond paying for proposals. >> the top democrats tell fox in meetings before the "state of the union," white house officials privately said they are planning a multi-weak campaign outside the beltway. they are serve the economy is stalling again. today, new report found retail sales edged up disappointing .1% in january from december. commerce department resealed in december, they restock t
and to retool to make government required summer blends of fuel with different areas of the country requiring a dozen different blends. >> and that puts pressure on prices. switchover itself you usually see increase of somewhere between 20 cents to as much as $1.10 per gallon. >> california has one of the strin jent blend with the highest gas taxes in the country so its fuel is often expensive. the national average is $3.73 a gallon for regular in california it's already $4.99. the price of oil itself affects the price at the pump. that price has been rising in part because of concerns about iran that overlooks the strait of hormuz which oil tankers flow. possible interruption of supply is why many analysts say north america and president obama should be doing everything we can to become energy independent including building the keystone xl pipeline from candidate. >> that is the harbinger whether we need all of the above strategy or if it's campaign rhetoric. activists are determined to block the pipeline and held demonstration to demand they prevent the construction. canada on the other han
toward republicans tuesday night and will say little about cutting the size of government. though the latest fox news poll found when asked what issues they are extremely concerned about, number one was government spending. ahead of healthcare and the economy. despite democratic leader nancy pelosi claiming to fox's chris wallace, washington does not have a spending problem. >> it's almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. we have a budget deficit problem we have to address. >> now pelosi went on to claim that nothing brings more money in the u.s. treasury than investing in education. investing another word for spending. bret? >> bret: so, ed, what are we hearing if the president will tack the deficit in the speech? >> interesting, because today jay carney said he does believe there is a spending problem in washington. he seems to disagree with nancy pelosi a little bit. carney went on to say he believes the problem is with spending on healthcare. so something the president tried to tack with the affordable care act and carney went on to say the president doesn't
of the stock options tax break getting refund from the federal government. of more than $400 million this year. more to come in # future. >> facebook has more tax deductions to go. the group citizens for tax justice reported details. >> employees cashed in stock options. at that point, did a tax deduction for the company. even though it didn't cost them a nickel, the government treats it as wages. they get a deduction for it. >> the company couldn't use them at all once and it will use more in coming years. $3 billion in tax break altogether, just the thing the president says we should stop. >> save hundreds of billions of dollars getting rid of the tax loopholes and deduction for the well off and well connected. >> that could apply to facebook. aside from face time with the president, mr. obama got $100,000 in campaign contribution from the company. five times more than any other candidate. president has gone after the te duction by the oil and gas companies for their business expenses. sharply criticizing them and calling for repeal. he said little about the tax strategies for companies like
the word "investing" and believe that is just a polite way of saying more government spending. especially since four years ago, from the very same spot, the president made this vow. >> yesterday, i held a fiscal summit where i pledge to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term in office. >> since his re-election, the president has been signaling a more hard-edged taupe in taking on republicans. over a series of other big issues that his advisors expect to be part of a dramatic call for action tonight. >> we have to be mindful about steps we can take to end the cycle of gun violence in this country. so we need to get immigration reform done. >> the side issues could pull the president off-course, which is why they are stressing mr. obama will be zeroing back in on jobs. >> you are going to hear the focus on what we can do, working together and bipartisan way, to strengthen the middle class. >> though republicans say they have heard that before. >> i lost count of how many times the president made one of those pivots. i mean he pivoted so many times reporter covering the white ho
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)

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